Sunday, February 06, 2011

pure camp

Bummer of a game, mostly because my team lost. Not great football. A lot of mistakes, penalties and crucial's the kind of game in which the Steelers have ground out victories a few times this season, but not something you want to rely on. So it goes.

I'm not crushed. Objectively, this was a pretty dull superbowl for anyone that didn't have a rooting interest or an appreciation of the maturation of NFL teams. There's no chemistry (let alone rivalry) between the Steelers and the Packers, and post-Favre, there aren't many less objectionable teams than Green Bay. Collective ownership is cool and Aaron Rogers is a likely pothead who dissed Nickelback on Twitter. And the Steelers, my own interests aside, are generally good people. (Roethlisberger is a whole other issue.)

The Packers are a young, talented team in one of the easier divisions in football. The Steelers have been in three of the last seven superbowls and are perennial contenders. Any given Sunday is any given year.

And it with that sour grapes mentality that I bring up this article from The Good Men Project that my brother wrote about sports criticism. There's a lot of good points here, but central is that winning is only one aspect of sports, and to value total dominance over everything else is really fucking boring. You don't have to win to be interesting, not every interesting winning strategy wins forever. The article dismisses the backhanded term "lovable loser" for being patronizing: if your madcap antics take you to the top, you are a legend. Otherwise, you are quaint and you get a pat on the head for thinking outside the box.

That's kind of dumb because you don't have to win to be fun to watch. A lot of NFL teams had interesting -- if not successful -- seasons this year. The Browns found a decent QB and had a nice run derailing a few teams with surprise victories. The Rams finally gave Steven Jackson someone worthy of handing him the ball. The Colts' injury troubles made Peyton Manning's one man show more entertaining than usual. And I ride for America's swearingest, foot fetish havingest slab of smoked meat, Rex Ryan. And Green Bay is no exception, not only because everything they do right is a small "fuck you" to Brett Favre. They are a hard team to root against.

Congratulations to the Packers. I'm ready for my fantasy baseball league's 8th seasons to begin.