Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In case you wanted some insight into America's role in the situation in Georgia, peep Fred Kaplan's article in Slate this week. The details on what Europe understood about NATO and Russia, and what Bush et al did not in their quest to get a posse together to ride on Sadaam, are heartbreaking.

The article also includes a very good rebuttal to any kind of Hitler/Sudetenland argument you might hear from idiots who think it really would be a good idea to tussle with Russia ourselves: why isn't our government acting accordingly if we're really going to start WWIII?
If so—if this really is the start of a new war of civilizations—why aren't you devoting every waking hour to pressing for the revival of military conscription, for a war surtax to triple the military budget, and—here's a twist—for getting out of Iraq in order to send a few divisions right away to fight in the larger battle? If not, what exactly are you proposing?
Not that I'm at all in favor of that, but it would be some kind of small comfort to see American hawks putting their money where their mouth is, even if it meant higher taxes and cutting and running on Iraq.