Friday, July 25, 2008


For those of you in the land of the lost, here are some odds and ends:

-Philadelphyinz was featured in Spin Magazine and on Filter Magazine's Blog.

-I wrote a couple of pieces for the Philly Weekly. The first is about neighborhood development policy in Philadelphia, the second is one of my characteristic high-handed ramblings about sports and the tortured psyche of the Philly fan.

PW: Slowing Initiative

PW: Par For the Curse

More PW stuff on the way soon. Pretty soon I'm going to put together a blog/site that is strictly dedicated to my writing. One lesson I learned from "Just Sayin" was that web space is cheap and you might as well put your work in thematic silos so that you don't have people digging through essays on Sex Planet when they're just trying to find out when your next gig is.

That's about all I got off the top, but go and subscribe to the RSS feed to get all the goodies.