Saturday, March 01, 2008

he was the baddest buck buck breaker in the world!

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Skinny Friedman - Buck Buck Champions '08

Shouts to the dude DJ JJC, who had the brilliant idea to invent a new type of club music called Buck Buck. When JJC originally told me about the idea, he pitched it as an alternative to Baltimore club, tired of so many fucking songs that flipped "Sing Sing" or "Think." It was to have a new bass drum pattern and sample heavily from Bill Cosby's "Fat Albert (Buck Buck)". I couldn't really get with the anti-Baltimore sentiment, but I loved the idea of flipping the Cosby ish. So I went with it.

I sent the track to JJC. He hit me back at 4 in the morning to tell me that this track wasn't actually Buck Buck because the bass drum pattern is too similar to Baltimore shit and expressed concerns about "vitiating [his] vision." The heated intellectual debate and the battle for the soul of Buck Buck is on-going. This is a historic moment, the split between underground Buck Buck and commercial, shiny suit Buck Buck. Let's hope we can keep it on wax!

Regardless, the shit bangs hard and you should check it out.

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