Friday, March 28, 2008

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

Yeah, so Skinny and I are kicking off our US tour this weekend in Brooklyn tonight and Providence tomorrow, but the big news is that you can read about it (and more) at the newly launched


Make sure you bookmark it, and make sure you go and root around so you can see all the stuff we've got over there. So holler at the new site, check our tour dates, check our free tracks, and make sure you add it to your must-read list of blogs.

From now on, only serious business about Steelerdom and Rappity Rap and such over here, and all the "what it do" and "here's a track" type business over there. Basically, we decided that since we're both moving towards DJing and producing as a big percentage of our income and our time, we should probably consolidate all that stuff in a more professional-looking package (i.e. not a fucking myspace).

So yeah, there's a blog over there, but it's about Philadelphyinz business, not JustSayin business. Keep coming here for all your Pirates-Shortstop-Jack-Wilson-Zombie-Hunter news and all your far flung rap analogies.

But yeah, like I said above, we're going on a US tour, so peep game and come see us!

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