Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cedrick Wilson, we hardly knew ye...

...cuz you never got open.

Cedrick Wilson not starting or catching a touchdown pass.

So Dan Rooney posted a bulletin here saying that they cut Wilson because he beat his lady. But that it was different with James Harrison, so they're not cutting him. And no mention was made of Santonio Holmes missing training camp last season for beating his lady and going to court, but that was so long ago and Steeler fans have drunk a lot of beer and can't recall that happening.

Here's the real reason:

Cedrick Wilson - G: 16, GS: 1, REC: 18, YDS: 207, TDS: 1
Cap Value: $2.6 million, Salary: $1.9 million

Santonio Holmes - G: 13, GS: 13, REC: 52, YDS: 942, TDS: 8
Cap Value: $1.7 million, Salary: $600,000

James Harrison - G: 16, GS: 16, SCK: 8.5, FF: 7, INT: 1, Pro Bowl
Cap Value: $1.5 million, Salary: $1.2 million

Why does the public face of a near blood-sport have to give us this pseudo-moralist bullshit? They wanted to cut Wilson so bad it felt like they had to piss on a roadtrip.

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