Friday, March 28, 2008

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

Yeah, so Skinny and I are kicking off our US tour this weekend in Brooklyn tonight and Providence tomorrow, but the big news is that you can read about it (and more) at the newly launched


Make sure you bookmark it, and make sure you go and root around so you can see all the stuff we've got over there. So holler at the new site, check our tour dates, check our free tracks, and make sure you add it to your must-read list of blogs.

From now on, only serious business about Steelerdom and Rappity Rap and such over here, and all the "what it do" and "here's a track" type business over there. Basically, we decided that since we're both moving towards DJing and producing as a big percentage of our income and our time, we should probably consolidate all that stuff in a more professional-looking package (i.e. not a fucking myspace).

So yeah, there's a blog over there, but it's about Philadelphyinz business, not JustSayin business. Keep coming here for all your Pirates-Shortstop-Jack-Wilson-Zombie-Hunter news and all your far flung rap analogies.

But yeah, like I said above, we're going on a US tour, so peep game and come see us!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cedrick Wilson, we hardly knew ye...

...cuz you never got open.

Cedrick Wilson not starting or catching a touchdown pass.

So Dan Rooney posted a bulletin here saying that they cut Wilson because he beat his lady. But that it was different with James Harrison, so they're not cutting him. And no mention was made of Santonio Holmes missing training camp last season for beating his lady and going to court, but that was so long ago and Steeler fans have drunk a lot of beer and can't recall that happening.

Here's the real reason:

Cedrick Wilson - G: 16, GS: 1, REC: 18, YDS: 207, TDS: 1
Cap Value: $2.6 million, Salary: $1.9 million

Santonio Holmes - G: 13, GS: 13, REC: 52, YDS: 942, TDS: 8
Cap Value: $1.7 million, Salary: $600,000

James Harrison - G: 16, GS: 16, SCK: 8.5, FF: 7, INT: 1, Pro Bowl
Cap Value: $1.5 million, Salary: $1.2 million

Why does the public face of a near blood-sport have to give us this pseudo-moralist bullshit? They wanted to cut Wilson so bad it felt like they had to piss on a roadtrip.

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Damian Hurst Is A Bitch

Image Hosted by

As my absolutely pitiful fantasy draft indicates (I slept through half of it -- what's good, Jose Valverde???) I don't have much in the way of insight into the upcoming baseball season right now.

Luckily there's this video of Michael Cuddyer gettin his David Blaine on to distract you.

That's cool, but he's no Illusionator.

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Friday, March 21, 2008


That graphic above is the basic design of the new Philadelphyinz tee. And yes, that's Biggie, 2Pac and Myron Cope.

The shirt itself says "RIP" in bigass letters underneath and has a small Philadelphyinz wordmark on the back.

The order to the shirt dude is going in real soon, and we're making an unscientific attempt to assess demand. If you want one (they're $12, $15 flat if shipping is required), in an ASAP kinda way, email your name, size, address etc., to philadelphyinz (at) gmail (dot) com. We'll tell you where to send the check and adjust our order size accordingly.

If you're in Pittsburgh, we can get it to you personally, if you come to our shit. Our Pittsburgh tour date is 4.26, but more on that later...

-In a related story, the NFL is thinking of banning the display of flowing, beautiful hair out of the back of your helmet. The "justification" is that it obscures the uniform number and gets grabbed onto and blah blah blah. Truthfully, this is just a powermove to do Polamalu and Rashean Mathis et al like Samson. Also, the league competition committee is racist v. Samoans and Italian shoes dredheads.

We don't wanna have to add Troy's wig to that shirt. SAVE TROY.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What with the upcoming Philadelphyinz tour, mad music to be made and all sorts of other jenky business, it's been like a ghost town around here. Until we get our shit together over here, enjoy this: - Philadelphyinz Mega Post

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Live from Korea

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fog Machines and Laser Rays - Quannum Edition

Another weekend of gettin buckwild in several states. We have a lull of a few weeks before the Philadelphyinz spring tour kicks off. Much, much more information on that later, but for now we've got some dope events and more free music for you.

First things first- we did a promotional mix some time ago for Quannum Projects, which many of you know as the longtime home of acts like Blackalicious and DJ Shadow. The mix was party of a series for their SXSW showcase this year, which ended up not happening, sadly. However, they just released the mix yesterday:

Philadelphyinz x Quannum Projects - SXSW Promo Mix



Ap/Sci - Windows Rattle Off (Remix)
Curumin - Caixa Preta
Pigeon John - Money Back Guarantee (Yinzapella)
Joyo Velarde - Take You Home
Blacklicious - You Didn't Know That Though (Philadelphyinz club edit)
Honeycut - Shadows (Trackademics Remix)
General Elektriks - Opaque Gender
Lifesavas - Shine Language (Sipped Out Yinzer Drum Edit)
Tommy Guerrero - No Guns More Glory

Give it a listen to see how we infusted the Quannum catalogue with the 215-412-718 flavors.

Friday - Philadelphia

Apt One @ Let Me Ride w/ Art Cuebik, Joey Breakdown, Kevin Kong and the bol Illy Emcee.

Fluid Nightclub, 4th and South Streets, Philadelphia

Entry free before 11PM, $5 afterwards. $2 domestics, $3 well drinks and Jager from 10-12.

Saturday - Brooklyn, NY

In support of the aforementioned Philadelphyinz x Quannum mix, we are playing a Quannum NYC Showcase this weekend with Curumin (Brasil), Chico Mann (Antibalas, NY) and Los Pirata (Brasil, first US show).

@ Union Pool in Brooklyn, 484 Union Ave @ Meeker

Saturday, March 15th.

we're spinning between sets and from 12-4

$10 before midnight, free afterwards.

If you want to read more about the Philadelphyinz x Quannum mix, go to Dollar Bin Jams for our take on the alchemy required to put the Philadelphyinz signature on the Quannum catalogue.

More information about the show and the mix is available from

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So Billy Crystal was signed to a minor league contract with the Yankees for one game... a spring training game against the Pirates. It's official, the rest of the league regards the Pirates with utter contempt.

Only one thing to do here- bean Billy Crystal.

Seriously. If he comes up to bat, put it in his ear.

This is the big leagues and the Pirates, despite some evidence to the contrary, are still a big league franchise. This is insulting. So Billy Crystal really likes the Yankees, fantastic. It's a ballgame to some of us, not a place for publicity stunts. They don't send fanboy celebrities to my office to mock me by moonlighting as my supervisor, why should the ballfield be any different?

The great thing about the game is that vigilante justice is possible.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

Before we get to the ol' Fog Machine bit, here's a new track I threw together last night that I'm quite proud of. Homoelectro, if you will.

Sebastien Tellier - L'amour et la Violence (DJ Apt One Remix) (Mediafire link)

It's another Philadelphyinz double this weekend.

Friday - Brooklyn

Philadelphyinz @ the Lucky Cat in Brooklyn. 245 Grand Street, Williamsburg. Free. We're playing after an afrobeat band, so get there before 11 and take that all in. We've also got a secret special guest that we're real excited about.

Saturday - Philly

Philadelphyinz @ Medusa Lounge. THE REAL MOTHERFUCKIN DEAL. You know how it is. No cover, and simply the bestest.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

he was the baddest buck buck breaker in the world!

Image Hosted by

Skinny Friedman - Buck Buck Champions '08

Shouts to the dude DJ JJC, who had the brilliant idea to invent a new type of club music called Buck Buck. When JJC originally told me about the idea, he pitched it as an alternative to Baltimore club, tired of so many fucking songs that flipped "Sing Sing" or "Think." It was to have a new bass drum pattern and sample heavily from Bill Cosby's "Fat Albert (Buck Buck)". I couldn't really get with the anti-Baltimore sentiment, but I loved the idea of flipping the Cosby ish. So I went with it.

I sent the track to JJC. He hit me back at 4 in the morning to tell me that this track wasn't actually Buck Buck because the bass drum pattern is too similar to Baltimore shit and expressed concerns about "vitiating [his] vision." The heated intellectual debate and the battle for the soul of Buck Buck is on-going. This is a historic moment, the split between underground Buck Buck and commercial, shiny suit Buck Buck. Let's hope we can keep it on wax!

Regardless, the shit bangs hard and you should check it out.

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