Friday, January 11, 2008

We're Fucked

Steelers 2008 opponents and why they'll beat us:

Texans - Mario Williams got 14 sacks this season against good left tackles.
Colts - Sayin'...
Chargers - Nothing shows off aging inside linebackers like LT.
Cowboys - God just don't like us right now.
Giants - New Yorkers get real upset when they have to come to Pittsburgh. They'll play mad.

+division (3-0)

Jaguars - They've won 4 in a row. The last time we beat them was in 2004 by 1 point.
Titans - If the second best scrambling QB in the AFC South can make our D look like a wet paper towel twice in one season...
Patriots - "...and so that's when Donnie and I stopped watching the game in the 3rd quarter."
Eagles - We'll beat the Eagles. Fuck the Eagles.
Redskins - Bill Cowher will be their coach. Or so I've heard

+division (2-1, loss to Ravens)

good thing we drafted a punter...