Monday, January 07, 2008

Sad trombone

That fucking sucked. It was made somewhat better by the fact that a half-dozen people at The Rub in Brooklyn came up and offered condolences of some kind or another. And Cosmo Baker shouted out Pittsburgh. So that was good. Besides, this team clearly wasn't Super Bowl caliber anyway, relative to the rest of the field. But, most of the Steelers woes were a matter of poor execution, not a matter of lack of talent (the offensive line excepted). Despite what people may say about the puzzling 3rd down quarterback sweep near the end of the game (would anybody have bitched if they just ran Najeh for no gain and took 40 seconds off the clock?), the coaching was generally good on both sides of the ball. Arians put together a fantastic offensive unit given the protection problems and Tomlin avoided judgement errors for the most part. On to next year.

Offseason laundry list:

1. Fire Special Teams coach
2. Trade up to draft the best O-lineman available
3. Potentially put an exclusive franchise tag on Alan Faneca, money allowing (why has nobody mentioned this yet? This lets Faneca get his money without having to make the 3-year commitment.)

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