Friday, January 25, 2008

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

This week is kind of sparse after last week's insanity (if you'll recall, Philly was the center of the universe last week). Here's what we got.

Friday (Philly)

Money Folders @ Arts Garage (15th and Parrish)
The second installment of Zilla Rocca and Co.'s rappity rap party with Skinny and I on the wheels. The whoadie DJ Stumble of SmartTech is coming out of hibernation to fill in for Skinny, whose Dad is getting married this week. Mazel Tov to Flatbush Charlie.
10-3:30AM. $10, ladies free before 10:30.

Saturday (Philly)

Bleached Black @ Medusa Lounge (21st and Chestnut)

Mike, Andrew, Kyle and Jeffery welcome Lovefingers and the bol Ron Morelli, who looks like me but is in fact an entirely different person.

10-2, Free.

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