Monday, December 10, 2007

Wack juice


Some observations:

1. The Steelers have no big play offense
2. Even if you can run ALL OVER the other team, you fuck your running game by taking penalties
3a. Blitzing everybody leaves single coverage
3b. Three step drops and dinky passes short circuit the blitz (West Coast super-teams have done that to the Steelers for years, remember)
3c. I hope nobody noticed how the Patriots neutralized the blitz in the second half
4. I'm not worried about the Steelers pass defense- if you exclude the big play to Moss and that jenky fumble/WR Throwback broken play (e.g. ignore the over-eager 2nd year safety), their failures were more a product of New England's amazing execution than self-destruction
5. The Pats are way better than the Steelers, but they are beatable

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