Saturday, December 15, 2007

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NORE f/ Tru-Life and Peedi Crakk - Eat Pussy

Having grown up in a generally sex positive slice of urban life, the sexual foibles of other cultures never cease to baffle me. You may recall No Doubt's "Hey Baby", a likable song with an out-of-left field verse from dancehall superstar Bounty Killer. BK even showed up in the video, in a well-conceived move for crossover appeal.

Right before he spits, No Doubt's drummer Adrian Young gets naked and pulls himself up on some gymnastics rings (if there is a term for these, I have forgotten it). Word was BK caught hell for appearing in the same video as, and on screen so close to another man's ass cheeks. Apparently this makes you gay by association. Frankly I think his Lee Press-on Bobby Digital Metal Fingernails are much more questionably sexual than dude being in the same video as the disrobed male form, but what do I know.

Anyways, there was an even more insane rumor about the video. Somebody apparently cut a dub plate dissing BK for being on the track at all, for pulling some sell out shit, and insinuating that Gwen Stefani had made Bounty Killer eat her out in exchange for the placement. What the fuck?

That story made me a little self-concious about my generally easy-going attitude about cunnlingus. It had never even occurred to me that that was something for which you could get clowned. The plot line in the first season of The Sopranos, where Junior pies the girl he was getting all cute with because word got out he was going down on her, didn't help things.

This hasn't changed my attitude but it has made me a little paranoid: when I'm famous, what other common sexual practices could be used to leverage my downfall? What else am I missing, beyond my sexual behavoir? Diet? Shower routine? Furniture choices?

Several years later, a trio of Puerto Rican rappers have returned my sanity and calmed my paranoia. Apparently it's ok to eat pussy if you're Puerto Rican, and possibly even encouraged. "Eat Pussy" is an awesome song, and not only because Peedi Crakk's on it.

(Thanks to DI1 for the tip)

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