Friday, December 21, 2007

Najeh Davenport Poop Joke Compendium

Fast Willie Parker snapped his fibula (dayum!) last night, in a rare victory by our struggling 'Lers over Mark Bulger and a couple of 50-year-old hall of fame receivers. Najeh stepped in handsomely, putting up a grip of yards.

What matters isn't that Willie is out for the season. What matters isn't that Najeh's shortcomings as short-yardage power runner in the mold of St. Jerome of Motown have made him somewhat of a disappointment to the Steeler Nation, but will actually make him more useful as the primary back while Willie is out. What matters is that Najeh Davenport may or may not have shit in some girl's laundry hamper in 2002.

I'm way too cultured to bust out any shit-centric one liners about these circumstances, but I'm defs not above listing the best ones I've heard thus far. These are mostly gleaned from the Deadspin comment section, but I only took the funny ones, and that'll save you time.

"So you don’t think Najeh Davenport will “hamper” the Steelers’ chances the rest of the season?"
"I guess this means the Browns are going to the Super Bowl."
"If there is a God, he'll let Najeh run in a 2-point conversion so we can hear some unaware announcer say 'And Davenport gets the Deuce'."
"He's not really starting caliber. Davenport is at his best as a number two."
"I can't wait for Davenport to bowel over some defenders."

and the best...

"Colon opens up a huge hole, and Davenport squirts through it."

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