Monday, December 17, 2007

Just Sayin Pentagon Papers - Street Hockey Club Rap

(Image from The Fader)

Preface: Skinny had just sent me a link to a story from a major newspaper about a rapper who went to our high school getting signed to a major rap label.

GentleWhoadie Apt One: here was his model:
become b-level independent rap star -->
fail to break out due to laziness and inflated sense of importance --->
have career fall apart --->
reinvent self as hipster rapper with hot topic belt --->
make vapid club rap song that mimics stuff on radio --->
get signed to major --->
get better belt
move to LA is in there somewhere.

Skinny Friedman: hot topic belt

GW AO: man, i can't even get excited like this validates the scene we grew up in because this kind of makes me say "ugh, gross"

SF: it doesn't validate shit

GW AO: pretty vapid stuff too

SF: it validates that selling out works

GW AO: i think that wiz khalifa is actually much more representative of what i like to consider "pittsburgh hip hop"- the emphasis on skill
i mean, i wouldn't mind if [redacted] weren't big upping the blue collar pittsburgh spirit
i'd be like "ok, whatever, i heard you're a sexual deviant anyway so this is kinda your song"- but dude got his 8x10 glossy shot the moment he left [name of neighborhood]

SF: i was listening to the philly pop station last weekend and it finally hit me that rap has crossed over entirely
like being a pop rapper is now a viable mainstream career
you can get signed by something resembling a big label
they will make you look like a star
you will do a song with akon and/or t-pain
it will be about the club, money, guns and hoes
and you will rap like you have a brain injury
and it will have nothing to do with rap radio

GW AO: [redacted] should make a track about bitches in thongs making out on [redatcted]'s lawn while we play street hockey with [redacted]
true story (except replace the bitches with [redacted])

Also, this post features the first of many appearances of Just Sayin's resident Cuttlefish, Cuttles

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