Sunday, December 30, 2007

hit em hit em hit em hit em

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My disdain for the Patriots is well-documented, but I have to give it up for the dudes. It was a little fun watching history last night. I have little or no love for the Giants, and the Schadenfreudic glee of watching the lesser Manning's slow, painful come-uppance isn't as fun as it used to be, but I still expected myself to push harder against the Pats. As unlikable as they are, we're probably not going to see another 16-0 team for a while.

Perfection takes as much luck as it does skill. It's playing well while dealing with the pressure of continuing to play well. It's like setting any kind of record. Or hitting the cycle. Or pitching a no-hitter. But going undefeated is a singular accomplishment in team sports because it involves that level of performance from a pile of people. Which means more opportunities for failure. With football, with so many moving parts, it's an even more impressive feat.

I make that somewhat asinine point to say this: the '07 Pats are the counterpoint to Vince Young's one-man-army. Young is the most dominant player in the NFL (also: Adrian Peterson), while the Pats are the most dominant team, and those are two entirely different statements. Being a dominant football player doesn't exactly translate to victory, it just means you can will yourself to success. The Patriots, on the other hand, collectively will themselves to victory.

But it's one thing for a ballsy, physically gifted athlete to deconstruct the terrain and move, Matrix-like, to do what needs to be done. It's another thing for 11 people to act as an extension of a 12th and do the same thing. For four months straight.

It's almost like they know what the other is going to do before they do it!

(Just kidding.)

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