Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice

Now, this isn't a site known for it's hard hitting economic analysis. This isn't the Wall Street Journal, and we aren't I-bankers (we'd probably kill ourselves if we were). But there's one thing we can tell you- the economy is on the rebound. It's a lock.

How do we know?

Luke Entertainment Group, which brought you such products as "Can a Nigga Get a Table Dance," "Me So Horny," "Get The Fuck Out My House," "We Want Some Pussy," "Face Down, Ass Up," "Doo Doo Brown" and "Pop that Pussy" is going public on NASDAQ under the ticker name LKEN.

And no, I didn't make that up, thank you.

Tell your mutual fund manager that this is the perfect way to expand the Booty Bass percentage in your mid-cap blend portfolio.


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