Friday, December 28, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

Philly, tonight we have a treat for you- we're rockin' with the boys from Beat Garden Entertainment and at a mixtape release jawn at the Arts Garage. Get ready for rap music, party jams, and a whole buncha emcees including the bols from Clean Guns.

Big O and Zilla Rocca put together a highly amusing promo video:

I do believe we are going to be rolling deep with the block party jams and classic rap and new jack swing cuts, so get ready to bounce to some of the shit that held you down when you were just a wee little whoadie. I'm looking forward to get deeper into that sort of stuff tonight, because, truthfully, that's my favorite stuff to play, although I'm certainly not averse to going bonkers with Italo and electro, as y'all well know. Keep your ear open for some fun surprises.

And, as if you needed anything else, here's a great video of Michael Jordan, Brad Daugherty and Sam Perkins's North Carolina team vs Len Bias's Maryland team. Make sure you watch Jordan finish the game with a downright retarded jam in what later became trademark style.

(Hat tip to Fanhouse's Michael David Smith)

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