Thursday, November 08, 2007

Take em to war

Color coordinated for perhaps the first time in my life

Last night's smasheroo with Flosstradamus was a smasheroo indeed. Had a great time, and the crowd was an ideal group for the stuff I wanted to play. I also had a bunch of people come up and tell me that the Philadelphyinz Bar Mitzvah was a big favorite of theirs, which was great to hear considering all the hard work we put in on it earlier this year.

Just a reminder, you can still download it HERE.

The dudes at magazine took the flicks you see above and below. You can see them all HERE (including one that I think is the weird and voyeuristic Underboober).

Yes, that's Bushy, the man behind the excellent Ourtalk blog.


Amanda Blank, who apparently has a wiki.


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