Monday, November 26, 2007

Free Lunch (No Homo)

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The Tuesday night drive to the ancestral motherland of Yardley, PA was dope because your favorite violent Muslim rapper Freeway put out his sophomore album on that same day. It's called Free At Last and it's very very good. I liked his mixtape from the summer, Live Free Or Die Hard, but a number of people who hated that tape (everyone but me, apparently--DUDES BLACK THOUGHT WAS ON IT!) agree with me. So let that be some kind of endorsement.

The whole album sounds a little bit like "Line Em Up" from his first joint, and that is in no way a bad thing. Just old soul loops and a whole lot of rough rhyming. "It's Over," "Still Got Love" and "Spit That Shit" are just wild east coast hard core rap. There's a sick posse cut called "Walk With Me" with Jadakiss and Busta, where Busta talks about fucking bitches in Park Slope and that cracks me up. Scarface shows up on "Baby Don't Do It" and it's a really good match because Face has that desperation drawl on lock. There's not much for the clubs here, besides "Big Spender," which has been strangely renamed "Roc-A-Fella Billionaires." There's a joint with 50 Cent called "To the Top" and it was on the radio when I was in Philly, and though it's not that bad, Free doesn't sound right doin anything for the ladies. I mean, he's a Muslim.

(Side note: is there any rapper with less crossover appeal than Freeway? Everyone else has this smooth side that can flip and become LL Cool J should need be. At least Beanie Sigel has good drugs. What girl is gonna fuck with a dude with a giant beard, stringent religious beliefs, a permanent screwface and a weird high growly voice? Do you think the ladies like gettin EARLY'd?)

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