Friday, November 09, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

This is a pretty jam-packed weekend folks. Here's what's going on in Philly.


-Homeboy Nick Hook's band Men Women and Children is playing with RX Bandits at the TLA (4th and South)

-The best band in Philadelphia, Normal Love, is releasing their long anticipated debut album at Pilam (39th and Spruce). Why this is in a Penn frat, I don't know. And no, I don't care that it's the hipster frat. It's a fucking frat. At Penn. That said, Normal Love- best band in Philly. Not kidding.

-Dirty South Joe and Brendan Bringem unleash young bol DJ Sega on the Mansion (19th and Sansom). In case you forgot, Sega fucking slayed it at our last Medusa jawn. Flyer here.

-Mike Tee and Billy Werner get all up in your robogrill at Robotique at Medusa Lounge.


As Keith Jackson used to say- this is the Granddaddy of Them All... or at least for us it damn sure is-

Philadelphyinz is celebrating 2 years of making your face melt off with everything that you know and love about partying, DJing, music and nuclear physics. Celebrate the good and the bad with us at Medusa Lounge. No Cover as always- and look out for the special surprises!

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