Sunday, September 30, 2007

steelers - cards

well... we're not alone. Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland and Tampa Bay also won today, so getting beat by one of the top five worst teams in the league by last year's standings isn't so bad. I guess. A weekend of upsets?

This game was essentially lost by our O-Line.

We had 11 penalties for 72 yards, most of these were false starts.

Willie Parker was 19 rushes for 37 yards (1.9 yards-per-carry)

Ben got sacked 4 times, got hurried around a fucking ton.

I put it down to Russ Grimm fucking up our steez.

It also didn't help us that of all the people to be injured and out the game, it had to be these dudes.

Frankly, Ben's endzone pick was a bit too much, but can we not squeeze in our RB from the fucking 1 yard line??? Aren't we a run first team?

At least, if Cinci loses tomorrow night to the Patriots, we still maintain the lead of the AFC North. I think they might. Right now the NFL seems so bad across the board that it's really anyone's game any given Sunday, which is good I suppose, but it's like watching Arena league most of the time.

"I'm so glad I know absolutely nothing about football."

-J.P. Sartre