Monday, September 10, 2007

Steelers - Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers - 34
Cleveland Browns - 7

Wow. All this commotion I can't believe it. The undefeated Steelers lead the league with a top ranked rush defense and a grip on the division title. With Roethlisberger (a former rookie) tied for first in the league in touchdown passes, I can't believe it's just week one.

to break down the game...

Defense. Nothing wrong there. Having a hell of a day with Charlie Frye. Fun to watch. Almost made up for...

Oddly shitty offense in the 2nd quarter. After 17 points in the first 15 minutes, nobody seems able to catch a damn thing. Whatever mad fat fluid pep talk Tomlin gave them at halftime went in somewhere. 3rd quarter was right back on track.

No rushing touchdowns despite rushing the entire last 25 minutes of the game. Weird.

Apropos rushing, Davenport, the closet monster, broke about 35 tackles to get a first down. It was like Suge Knight came to him before the snap and told him if he didn't convert the 3rd down, he was going to hang Jeff Reed off a balcony by his ankles.

That punt that hit on the 2 and then bounced back to the 5 and just fell into place there. Also, Washington prevents the touchback. Special teams plays of the day.

Allen Rossum calls fair catch at the last second, if at all. I like that kind of Madden-esque trying to run the return no matter what. Good aquisition. I think they traded him for some Flav-r Ice in James' fridge.

4 flags on the Browns when shitty punter dude doesn't get the long snap down.

Cedric Wilson's reverse.

Matt Spaeth. That kid is a professional athlete that plays football in the NFL.

After Batch subs in, he doesn't get off just ONE pass? Couldn't hurt to give him some practice.

All in all, fun game. I drank a lot and passed out. Go Team!