Friday, September 28, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

OK, not party related, but GW9K and I have a collaborative piece in this quarter's issue of The Crier, in which we take an Iraq war veteran down a few pegs. Shouts to Christine.

Aight let's do this.

Friday (NYC/PHI):
Shea or Citizens, either way you can watch the NL East race spiral downward to its inevitable conclusion. I saw the Mets last night, there is no fucking way that team is going to the playoffs.

Friday (BKNY):
Caps and Jones at Savalas.
The undisputable kings of "oh shit no they didn't" djing are back and celebrating the reincarceration of OJ Simpson. I will be here, throwing back Tecate and puking on people I only know on the internet.

Friday (PHI):
The Straight Dope at The Khyber with Seclusiasis (Dev79 and Stumble) and special guest Willy Joy.
Willy brings the Chi-town love, and hopefully some kind of tricked out bike. I hear they're into that up there.

Saturday (BKNY):
Korrupt at Studio B with Switch, Sinden and DJ Ayres.
Switch and Sinden guarantee well-engineered Euro house, Studio B guarantees sweaty NYU chicks. DJ Ayres might spin "When I Hear Mehdi."

Saturday (NYC):
Slap You In Public at 200 Orchard with Robot Blair, David Bruno special guest Runaway.
You can see Blair in the flix from DNCHRDIII. (Hi Abbey!) This is his party, and there will be disco. I will be here too.

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