Friday, September 21, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

I'll make this brief

Friday (Phila):

It's been a while since I been up in this piece, but I'm at Transit tonight. I'll be downstairs with the Hurrah boys. It's sponsored by Vice Magazine and Colt .45- free before 12 and free beer before 12. 10-3:30AM. Flyer here.

Saturday (Phila):

I've been excited about this for a while now- I'm guesting at Medusa with Bleached Black- longtime buddies and collaborators and longtime competitors when we had Philadelphyinz at the Khyber. But all rivalries are in the past and it's just good vibes from here on out. 21st and Chestnut, No Cover.Flyer here.

Tuesday (NY):

Skinny will be reppin P-yinz at DNCHRD III, thrown by Dewars and LVHRD. It's a competition where YOU bring the vinyl, and the DJ has to throw a dance party. The theme is 90s Dance music. The bol Skinny will be facing off against heads from East Village Radio and TurntableLab. The event is at B Side, 204 Avenue B btw 12th and 13th, 7pm-midnight.

Also, bring vowels.

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