Friday, September 07, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays


I know we didn't do much Steelers writing like we did last year, when we were all up on it around the beginning of the year. I guess other writing pursuits have distracted us. I've been writing about the Eagles for chrissakes. (At some point today The 700 Level should be posting another brief Eagles season preview I wrote).

But this weekend is HUGE on a few fronts- not only is it the beginning of the epic NFL Pittsburgh Steelers rapturous return to earth season, but it is also a REALLY DOPE PARTY WEEKEND in Philly.

Here's the rundown


-Jay Simplefly brings The Rub (sans Ayres) down from NYC to Fluid (4th and South). Mad New York fam sure to make the trip, because from 12-4 AM, its...

-Our boys Emil, Bo and Dan the Swede doing up White Tees White Belts at the Arts Garage (15th and Parrish).

-It's first Friday during the Philly Fringe Festival, and my boy Juston Stens (drummer of Dr. Dog) tells me he's going to be participating in some massive 50-drummer something-or-other at 2nd and Race Streets in Old City. I'd peep it if I were you. By the way- Dr. Dog hits the road with Wilco next week.


Philadelphyinz at Medusa Lounge, 21st and Chestnut Streets. NO COVER. Apt One, Skinny Friedman, SHEER INSANITY.


Pittsburgh ex-pats watch them Stillers at the Fox and Hound, 15th and Spruce. Really no other reason to ever go to that place, but this is a religious event we're talking about.

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