Monday, August 06, 2007

Meta wave

I spent a good three hours in the car a few weekends ago in and around Philly- most of them in the fucking parking lot at Citizens Bank Park, where Skinny, the bol Dos Noun, Andy and I saw the Phillies SPANK the Pirates. Frankly, it's just crushing when you see your team pitted against a decent, well-run franchise. People feel so bad for the Pirates that even the most notoriously mean-spirited Phillies fans couldn't bring themselves to insult me as I walked around the stadium in a Bucs hat and jersey. That's when you know you've hit rock bottom. (My Philebrity column, due up sometime today, addresses this shame in more detail- I'll add the link when it goes live.)

Anyways, the reason I mention this is that all my hours in the car (I spent some time moving about 1500 of my records to my new crib) resulted in my longest continuous string of Top-40 Rap Radio-listening in a while. Usually I'll catch the late night mix shows on Power 99 if I'm driving at night and in one of the areas of the city where my iPod radio transmitter doesn't function (like 25% of the damn city). But I don't really tune in that often. Turns out, there's a reason I stopped listening to pop radio more than 15 years ago- they play the same shit over and over again. Sometimes, though, they play the ill jam a bunch of times, but not on the regular. One track I find myself inexplicably liking is Cassidy's Drink and My 2 Step. The track itself is pretty goofy, but it brings me to MY POINT (finally!).

For all of you out there who read JS2000 on the regular, we gots to get you prepped for our boy, Cousin Cole (his myspace here), who is set to come through to Medusa Lounge for Philadelphyinz on August 11th. This will be his first Philly appearance, and for those who don't know, dude is pretty much just rocking the world-wide remix game at the moment.

Here is Cole's remix of Drink and My 2 Step and a few others. We'll post more as the week goes on.

Cassidy vs. Cousin Cole- Drink and My 2 Step

Charlotte Gainsbourg- The Operation (Cousin Cole Remix) (right click to download- originally from Palms Out Sounds)

In other news, big up to Discobelle for, uh, big-upping me. My Freestyle meets France track I posted up last week, When I Hear Mehdi is pushing 600 downloads as of this posting and I've heard a report that the track was being bumped in clubs as far as Cleveland this past weekend. I have more Swedish myspace buddies today than I did yesterday. Malmo, here we come!

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