Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A little bit of God so they won’t feel bad about the pimpin

No matter what else you could say about him, David Banner is a really interesting guy. He just did a Q&A with the Fader that is a fascinating read.

Here is an excerpt:
So in me saying that, dude, why is it that all the stuff I done from doing the largest urban benefit concert in history, people don’t want to talk to me about that. People don’t want to talk about that I gave $30,000 cash out in the hood for Christmas. Stood out in the rain. People don’t want to talk about my scholarship program. You know what I’m saying? All that good shit. People love assholes. People love jewelry, sex, fucking and violence. I don’t give a fuck what no American says. That’s what they fucking want. Except the thing about America is they’re so hypocritical, they want to point fingers at everybody else, but if you really want to know, we the fucking problem. America is the motherfucking problem......

everybody knows that young black men, we don’t have nobody that’ll stick up for us. We don’t even stick up for ourselves! We beef with 50 Cent, we beef with TI, we’ll beef with Lil Flip. But when Akon needs someone to come to him because the owner of a club didn’t check the girl’s ID… that wasn’t Akon’s fault! But everybody gonna let that boy stand up and be persecuted......

Last year was the worst year of my life. 2007 has been the best year of my life. And 2006 was when I took the pill, and I realized what the world was really about. It’s not a good place, it’s not about good people. It’s not about the meek. America is not a good place......

When people come to David Banner they want some pimpin, a little bit of violence, a little bit of God so they won’t feel bad about the pimpin and a little bit of revolution just because they know that that’s me. Past that motherfuckers don’t want shit else from David Banner. I tried to be creative, I tried to change music. Fuck that.
"Fuck that." Classic.

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