Tuesday, August 07, 2007

for the good of humanity

"T-Pain's voice is hardly without feeling. There is an ache in his computerized coo: He isn't just horny, he's lovelorn. But T-Pain represents a kind of symbolic severing of African-American music from its traditional emotionalism, from its fervent gospel roots."

kill jody rosen before he kills again.

i mean, even if he's kind of right, this point is so obvious that teddy pain's entire career is like god's attempt at a satirical comment/analogy about the heavy-handedness of the movie crash. (disclaimer: i haven't seen crash but i heard it was about as nuance as...well, a t-pain song)

i'm all about overthinking pop music, especially southern urban hits. just ask gw9k's boy jesse, whose first conversation with me was unfortunately a one-sided affair in which i expounded upon the brilliance of trap muzik for like 15 minutes. somehow, we're still buddies.

but anyways, jody rosen is a fucking awful writer who doesn't deserve to be called a bootleg tom breihan.

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