Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't axe me what my name is

Yesterday, a feature on me and the bol Skinny came out in the Philadelphia Weekly, penned by the oracle himself, Dirty South Joe. Here's an excerpt:
Self-described “nerds who like their records,” the Philadelphyinz sound is a winning combination of eclecticism and familiarity.

“You can’t be the panderer, but you can’t be the snob either,” Friedman says. “A crowd has to have something to latch onto, otherwise they’re not gonna stick around.”

Fichman agrees: “We do best by walking the line between being DJs who play what people want to hear, and doing more creative stuff and trying to take people places. We try to go all out in learning about a lot of genres that aren’t mainstream, but can be incorporated into our set.”
The piece looks great in print, with a half-page text-in-photo spread. The photographer who did the shoot knew exactly what he was doing to get that page to look sharp.

And like McFadden and Whitehead done told you- ain't no stoppin us now (like there was any stopping us before, either).

Philadelphia Weekly: What's Up With... Philadelphyinz