Monday, August 13, 2007

The couch

And....we're back

Some news and notes first:

-New Philebrity piece up today. Prognostication of Phillies doom. A new bestseller.

-Cousin Cole lit shit on fire this past Saturday. If you weren't there, you're a fucking sucker.

OK, and now for the televisional internets:

A clip of the 1979 release party for Canadiens legend Guy Lafleur's instructional disco album. See if you can spot the guy from Lime or Gino Soccio (I can't). [AOL Fanhouse]

A little clip Emynd found of Peedi Crakk at White Tees in May. You may remember the post-show wrapup we did over here. [Crossfaded Bacon]

But a blog post in August of 2007 just wouldn't be much of a post without some obligatory Crank Dat dances. Here, for your approval- Crank Dat Ryu, Crank Dat Folger Boy and Crank Dat Lion King. WOW.

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