Thursday, July 05, 2007

Them tricks, they go boom!

A quick post-declaration-signing-hangover roundup:

-Your boy revealed the new math over on Philebrity on Monday. Breakin' atoms son!

-Freddie Adu dropped a hat trick as the US20 squad chopped Poland the fuck up 6-1. This is just our way of saying "thanks for nothing, Thaddeus Kosciuszko." Oh, and since the robots are our future, these kids must be those robots.

Here's Adu's first goal, which is just fucking sick:

-Freddy Sanchez was chosen to represent the Pirates in the All-Star game. Ian Snell got snubbed, but dude is the truth, and I'm sure it'll only make him mad as hell, which is a good thing.

I gotta drop an Ian Snell post sooner or later, because he's suddenly become the best thing about the Bucs on and off the field.

-Oh, and get the early word on this:

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