Monday, July 23, 2007


-Baseball season is officially over as the Steelers prepare to report to camp. Dial it back for a sec- if last year was Mighty Ducks 2, what the fuck is this year?

New video from Skills featuring Philly Freeway. Classic nonsense- ""motherfuckers wanna act like michael from the wire til they realize that michael's just an actor on the wire." Wowsers.

By the way, Freeway's wikipedia page currently says "lives in The Marquis Apartments in King of Prussia, PA." Uh. Somebody might want to remove that, whether it's true or not. Early?

-Great post linking the recent release of French gamin des banlieux epic La Haine's Criterion release and the recent ascendancy of dickheadish Nicholas Sarkozy. Peep it at That Good Good.

-Photos from Friday's Crew Love smasher should be forthcoming shortly- we took in over 300 people at the door and the whole place was basically a mad house of party jams and good vibes.

-Lastly, peep this week's math over at Philebrity, where I break down Pat Burrell's imprint on the Philadelphia psyche.

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