Thursday, June 21, 2007

You know what it is

Other grinds been pre-occupying the team here. We're so sorry when we let you down. After all, you did subscribe to the jawn on bloglines. Here's some internets to keep you from swallowing your tongue.

-The first rule of Rap Club is... [We Design Sound]

-If Beanie thinks Kanye was unfit for hood consumption three weeks ago, wait until he see's dude with his helmet on faking the Thomas Bangalter. [The Fader]

-The Federation's College Girl- dumbest song of the year? No, I mean actually stupid. [XXL]

-On the flipside of the Bay, Turf Talk- SO MOTHER FUCKIN ILL. [Vibe, Nation of Thizzlam]

-A depressing headline: "Pitcher with 10.97 ERA blanks Pirates, 7-0, in Seattle." [Post-Gazette]

I went to a Pirates game in Pittsburgh last weekend for the ol' Father's Day. I realized, after being away from Pittsburgh for the better part of a decade that Pirates fans have zero expectation of ever winning. Errors don't make anybody upset anymore. That's unacceptable.

I've decided that the Pirates are on a very short leash with me, and they have done little to justify any more unrequited loyalty. I will not be taken for granted as a fan by ownership that has no plan of winning in the forseeable future ESPECIALLY after my tax dollars built them a beautiful stadium.

I have yet to decide on a time-frame in which the Pirates can either show a sign of true commitment to progress or else I may have to start one of those "Fire Such and Such" type blogs only about Fuck the Nuttings.

In a rare moment of lucidity, Smizik basically laid out my steez yesterday, so if you don't know, now you know, Nutting.

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