Thursday, June 28, 2007

Supreme Court to Thurgood Marshall: DROP DEAD

Just play this tape backwards

From the NYTimes.
The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected diversity plans in two major school districts that take race into account in assigning students but left the door open for using race in limited circumstances.

The decision in cases affecting schools in Louisville, Ky., and Seattle could imperil similar plans in hundreds of districts nationwide, and it further restricts how public school systems may attain racial diversity.
As somebody who went to an integrated magnet school in a big city- I can say that my experience with poly-chromatic culture was extremely valuable. Most people I come across have never met enough people of other colors to be anything but unconsciously prejudiced in some way, just due to sheer ignorance. This type of racism is perhaps worse than the on-the-sleeve racism of times past, when it was consider acceptable to be racist publicly. Now, there are tons of racist people floating around out there utterly convinced that they are not racist, but unconsciously exercising racism just due to the natural human fear of "the other." Fuck it, I'm just gonna stop right there.

Welcome to 1950, America.

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