Saturday, June 02, 2007


Grinderman - Go Tell The Women


In the preview for Fantastic Four 2, the Silver Surfer flies over a wedding. Everyone looks at the Human Torch because something mysterious is going on and he can fly, so obviously it's dude's job to handle this one. And he says something to the effect of "dammit, I just bought this tux". This is a lost comedic opportunity. All the Alba in the world won't get me to the theater for that movie, but I think it's safe to say there will not a running joke in which the Human Torch is constantly getting clowned because he has to rock seven bills worth of Goodwill gear all the time because he's constantly burning off his clothes. And that is a shame.


Somebody handed me a copy of Connected Magazine on Broadway last week and it is kind of great. Indie streetwear/rap mags always have decent writing with awful grammar about mindblowing shit. Frankly, if you are interviewing Swizz Beats or writing "The Rules For Pigeons" ("There is nothing worse than getting hit in the face by a pigeon"), I don't give a fuck about your grammar. Back when I wrote for Rap Reviews (Web 1.0, stand up!) I used to get shitty mags like this all the time in the mail, and since I was a huge herb, I used to e-mail the dudes about their puncuation. In retrospect, I should have just appreciated the totally bizarre interviews with their friend's friend who owns a security firm in Atlanta.

Also note that this idea--grammar-adverse writing about wild topics--is pretty much the Vice steez. Which says........something.


Why is Wiz Khalifa rapping like Project Pat?

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