Monday, June 25, 2007


Recently I've watched with curiousity as Just Blaze, producer of such bangers as Freeway's Flipside, Cam'ron's Oh Boy, a whole shitload of JHov tracks and my favorite Ghostface beat ever, The Champ has been blogging up a storm. Blaze is a curious character in the rap world- being both a top-shelf beatmaker and an unabashed tech nerd. This makes him a rather unexceptional character in the blog world, where motherfuckers have been mixing up "peep this tricked out new phone" with "remember that one great moment in rap history?" for quite a while now. However, unlike most bloggers, who live in their momma's basements (as legend would have it) he's periodically able to insert himself into those "rap history" moments in the first person.

Also, he had some beef with Saigon or something that aired out over the internet, but truth be told I didn't follow it. That shit is dumb.

Anyways, now Blaze's blog has a message board called, uh, The Matrix. Yeah. Predictably, it's a rare vinyl, conspiracy theories, sneakers and video games. What did you expect? I don't think it's gonna be the popoff internet forum or anything, but keep an eye on it for some nice tracks passing through, especially if you have an afinity for Golden Era rap.

There is no forum devoted to handclaps.

[Just Blaze's Blog]
[The Matrix, the message board]
[Wikipedia: Just Blaze Discography]

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