Friday, June 15, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays


Not much to this one. Pretty much tumbleweeds. Barbeque and get drunk.


Predictably, when there is fuck-all going on Friday, there's too much to deal with on Saturday.


The grande jump-off in Brooklyn (besides, you know, moving to Philly) is most certainly at Capones with Thorough. Skinny is gonna be teaming up with Seclusiasis bols Dev79, Starkey, BD1982 and Jedi of MethodsNyc. Drink specials, free pizza and, most importantly, Philly stylings. 221 N 9th Street. Flyer front/Flyer butt.


-England Belongs to Twee- a whole bunch of oi oi and punk and the like. Upstairs at the Khyber (2nd and Chestnut). Not usually my bag but even I understand thatLabuda is for the children.

-White Tees White Belts is getting together with Caps & Jones at the M-Room- watch out for HollerNuts busted all over the HollerPlace (bring a change of HollerDrawers). That said, this is gonna be awesome. $10, Frankford & Girard.


-For starters, holler at your dad. Get him some shaving balms or something. Or, at the very least, frame him a picture of Kim Jong Il hanging out with his proud papa Kim Il Sung.

-I keep forgetting to mention the whoadie Mike T and his night with Kyle M at Sal's. It's dedicated to all things Morrissey and Morrissey related. Also some open bar action. Can't go wrong. Just don't get depressed is all. Sal's (12th and Walnut).

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