Sunday, June 03, 2007

The couch

Ultramagnetic MCs- Traveling at the Speed of Thought

This has always been one of my favorite videos- between the fanny packs, bizarre scarecrow-esque Slick Rick dis costumes and Kool Keith's exploits during his, uh, blue period (?), it's some of the best mid-level B-rate entertainment that can be found on these here internets. Let's not forget that the song samples Kraftwerk, Bambaataa and, inexplicably, Wild Thing while Kool Keith hints at his future fascination with space and associated headgear.

Commercial for Japanese Biz Markie doll with "booger picking finger"

When you see Japanese kids taking on American culture at a 30 degree angle, it's tempting to say that they "don't get it." It's not that they don't get it, they just get it in their own, different and unique way. Anytime you geographically dislocate culture, this is what happens. But Biz Markie, we don't understand him either.

Dr. Dog on Letterman last week

Very good buddies of ours (and the backup singers too- the gals getting dolled up!) on the tele. The beards are looking immaculate and shit, they can all hit baseballs at least 350 feet. If you haven't bought their new CD, go do it now! Watch out for Zach's flailing claps around 2:39- DANGER!

Jimmy Castor Bunch- Troglodyte

I met Jimmy Castor last weekend- he was hanging around at a soul festival in the Clark Park down the street from my house. He powdered his nose at one point (he referred to this as the "Jimmy Castor Thing") and also told me I should come out to see him play next Vegas. This all struck me as kind of strange, but then I remembered Troglodyte, and it all made sense. Well, maybe it didn't make any sense, but at least his whole steez is cohesive. Frankly, the video is three to six times more bonkers than the song.


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