Monday, June 18, 2007

the battle rages but they die in vain

We have reached that time in the season when Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke? has gotten too depressing to actually read.

WHYGAVS is a top-notch site, with good run-downs of every game and a full understanding of the Pirates organization that saves me from ever having to consider what's poppin down on the farm. But it's spot-on coverage is its strength; it's not that funny and it's not that quirky, nor does it need to be. But part of me feels like dude should just give up on the Buccos for a season so he won't have to barely contain his rage and frustration through every methodical wrap-up of the latest bullpen collapse.

Adding to the suffering is that Dejan Kovacevic is being wasted on the Pirates too. That dude is on point.

A man in a Yankees shirt lept out of his hatchback on Court St. after seeing my Pirates hat, so he could vent his frustrations with our team. He had grown up in Buffalo, where the Pirates were the closest baseball team physically, but his six-year-old brain also though the "New York" in "New York Yankees" was the whole state, so thus he had two generally non-conflicting baseball alliances. And with the straightest of faces, this grown-ass man angrily expressed his loathing for "Dave Littlebrain" and mourned the resources the team had wasted on "Kip Smells".


I returned to BX to see game 1 of the Subway Series on Friday night. On one hand, I generally hate the Yankees, and watching Jose Reyes run is really on par with, like, bumper cars when it comes to pure, untainted American-style fun. (Reyes hit a home run on Friday night, and I have to think this was disappointing to him, that he was expected to leisurely trot around the bases. I bet he misses the bus on purpose just so he can run after it.) But on the other hand, I fucking hate Oliver Perez, who was starting for the Mets. So for one surprisingly dull evening, I was a Yankees fan.

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