Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trendier than Jesus

-I finally got around to writing a new piece for Phawker. I kind of phoned it in, to be honest- I talk a bunch of BS about records I've found at garage sales in West Philly. But it's worth a read just to see a picture of Jerry Weber lounging on some sort of duvet or something rubbing records all over himself. Peep Game.

-Saw The Rapture do an in-store at Urban Outfitters yesterday. The set-up was pretty poor- most people couldn't see anything. I'm pretty sure nobody bought any clothes either. I think 75% of the people there were DJs or promoters anyway, so it was a bit incestuous. The music was ill- they are everything they are made out to be, but hearing songs live after hearing them 500 times in the club or on the internets is an underwhelming experience.

By the way, if the Beatles really wanted to prove they were bigger than Jesus, they should have named themselves something like "The Rapture" and googled themselves.

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