Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New digs.

While Burnso is comfy enough in his new house to mention himself casually in the 3rd person, he has been venturing forth in the quest for new vinyl.

Chubukos - House of Rising Funk

This is a standard awesome 45. Big long break with a vibraslap in it, fuzz guitar, big horn section, chipmunk voices, etc... It utilizes an age old tradition of replacing a word in a common phrase with the word "funk", which essentially ensures dopeness. Plus, it was on the ultimate beats and breaks comp, so that adds some sort of arbitrary cratediggery to it.

Rimshots - Dance Girl

This is a funk 45 with another break that requires a girl to dance. Fine drum break with ride cymbal, cowbells and some dude wit that raspy voice that Sly developed in the early 70's. The lyrics are minimal (you my dancing girl...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...) This is on gemm.com for a retarded sum. Wtf? I paid about the cube root of the online price for this shit.

De La Soul - the 12" with 2 concentric grooves on one side.

Me, Myself and I plus remixes and the double groove thing which is weird. The first side is the lp version. The second side is a remix. The second groove is a skit. No shit. It's De La Soul, which is Spanish for "put mad skits on a rap album".

sundry other rap 12"s.

good spinnables like "Insane in the Membrane" and "Pick it Up" and a Trendz of Culture 12" w/ an acapella. That's esoteric.

Gary Numan - Replicas

Please watch "Urgh: The Music War" before you die. (thanks, Paul) When I grow up, I want to be fucking nuts.

Also, I have an erhu now. It goes "Yeeeeeeyeeeeyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!". It's made of rosewood and snake. Yes, snake.

The erhu is a manly instrument.

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