Thursday, May 17, 2007

Make em say unnnnnnngh!

I'm gonna have to sell this laptop to eat

The only member of CockBlock 4 who doesn't roll with the Philadelphyinz or the Myron Cope Experience or JustSayin2000 is the homeboy Relative Q. Relative Q is like a cactus- very few things are needed to sustain him. He needs beer, low grade processed food, minimum wage and the ability to make electronic music. Since it's pretty hard to send Beefaroni over the internet, I think we're going to have settle for some electronic music.

Relative Q- Touch My Bunny (320k)

This here is a first class hard house track- snappy snares, hard but elastic bass kicks, some inhuman android-type noises and sexually suggestive lyrics. Personally, I like it because it moves and evolves more than your average house track. I can get down with some house as long as the shit doesn't just drag ass, and this one doesn't. This track makes the standards in East Berlin and West Virginia.

[Relative Q's Racecars and Techno Blog]

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