Thursday, May 31, 2007

I don't even know how to start this


I had a bunch of R Kelly counterpoint type stuff to follow up on what Skinny was saying yesterday, but something very serious came up... like another R Kelly song.

I seldomly agree with much that Bol says, but this is most certainly the greatest most insane thing that has ever happened to anybody ever. This even tops Sex Planet, arguably.

Ron Isley just died so he could roll over in his fucking grave over and over until forever.


I need to sit down.

R Kelly- REAL TALK (zshare)

Edit: This from JTJ on the Hollerboard: "A song where you call your girl out for being paranoid about you picking up girls at the club sandwiched between an entire album worth of songs about picking up girls at the club is some next level logic." Yeah.

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