Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

It's one of them early startin' weekends, the kind that starts with a Thursday and eases into Friday with some tardiness or sick-day-usage. Saturday's a smasher and Sunday you want to fucking die. But that last part is a long way off.


Philly- The inexorable march of time is beginning to catch up with the venerable Paradise at Key West. There are only four more nights of 12-foot mirrors, forty-can light displays, cages, full rotary mixers, fog machines and poorly designed gay-targeted beer ads from the 1990s. Tonight, the author Apt One and Shawn Ryan (Hurrah) join resident Mike T. for a night of disco bangers, electro mindmelters, underground smashers, acid freakjams and whatever other kind of electro you want. If you weren't there to see Optimo or any of the myriad DFA or Ghostly International acts there, you still have time to see the champion of discotheques. Get ready for some real fog machines and laser rays.
Upstairs at Key West, Juniper between Walnut and Locust, FREE. (Flyer here)


Philly- The Philebrity bols (are they bols? probably not) are launching their web-television thingy. American Sneakers is shooting a video and there are sure to be screenings of various watchable things and perhaps some unscrambled porn or something. I'll be there if only because I always DJ the same night as the late night guests Bleached Black, and WestWax gotta support!
418-420 Green St., Open to the public at 10PM.

Emynd and Bo Bliz bring you another installment of White Tees White Belts featuring Peedi Crakk. Whoa. Sponsored by our good friends at Beautiful/Decay and others. Not really much else to be said about this one.
The Ukie, 847 N. Franklin. (Flyer here)

Boutros Boutros: used to be called "Boutros Crakk"


NYC- Skinny Friedman only seems to roll out when there are imported beers to be had. This Saturday, it's Cinco de Mayo (which he told me means "five with mayonnaise" but I'm not so sure). The Corona, tequila and floorfillers will flow like Mezcal. Also reppin are the superwhoadies Tres Gueros aka Tatum and Matt Brownell (who makes an appearance in Philly at Medusa Lounge next weekend).
Rififi, 332 E. 11th St. (between 1st and 2nd Ave.) 10 - ???, FREE (Flyer here)

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