Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad boys inna London, Rude boys inna England

But just when you though he was soft on haircuts

The heat

Michael Nutter won the Democratic primary yesterday, virtually ensuring his bid for Mayor of Philadelphia. Although I had my reservations about Nutter, especially in regards to some of his Giuliani-esque policing ideas, I honestly didn't think any of the other candidates were as smart, innovative and complete as Original Nutter (Barrington Levy say "Bohhhhhh!"). I feel like dude can think on his feet and he has the ability to explain first principles about policy on the fly, which nobody else seemed to be able to do.

Anyway, now that I have completely blown my impartiality cover, I should say that one of the reasons I am most pleased about Nutter winning is that there is a long Q&A I wrote about his days as a DJ in the late 70s and early 80s sitting on his press secretary's desk, vetted and ready to be answered now that important matters of electoral politics are behind us. That should be appearing on Phawker whenever dude gets around to answering them.

If you have time, peep NutterforMayor's flickr photos, they are funny as fuck. It pretty much seems that the Nutter walked around Philadelphia for 3 months and anytime somebody said "lemme get a picture of you on my motorcycle" or "get in this dunk tank" or "I'm fucking drunk and wearing an Eagles mascot costume, let's take a picture" dude was like "ok."

Shy FX- Original Nutter (Stream from Beatstreet.CA)

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