Thursday, April 05, 2007

Paging riot squad

ESPN radio's Colin Cowherd is an affront to bloggers everywhere. Destroy him (but don't physically hurt him, I don't have a lawyer).

Posted today on Deadspin:
Colin Cowherd...has a show on ESPN Radio. Like many sports radio hosts across this great land, he relies greatly on blogs to find himself some free, juicy content. (And, of course, acting as if he just came up with it on his own; there's a guy at WFAN in New York who's particularly egregious about this as well. You know who you are.) We tend not to work ourselves up about this too much; if we riled ourselves up about radio people swiping blog stories every time it happened, we wouldn't have time to type. Information is meant to be free. However: Today, upset with something The Big Lead had written about him (or someone, or something, imagined or otherwise), Cowherd told his listeners to unleash a DNS attack on the site. One of the tech people here at Gawker Media tells us: "When someone floods a website with so many fake hits that the servers get overloaded, the site, essentially, goes down. A programmer could write a script to load the website once a second." That appears to be what happened.
We don't usually just post other blogs' stuff verbatim here, but this is an all points bulletin- an affront to everything good and decent and a war on blogs. Furthermore, we have gotten substantial boosts from links posted by TheBigLead and Deadspin, so we've gotta stick up for those who have stuck up for us.

Fuck that shit.

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