Thursday, April 26, 2007

One is in the mouth, the other does the 0101001

Shell games, son. Shell games.

New Phawker piece up. Read it here. It's the continuation of my musings earlier this week about Cam'ron and the whole "Post-Imus" hip hop worldview. Careful, it's full of all sorts of sticky icky sociological ramblings.

I'm gonna get back to watching this PBS special about chemical warfare.

[Phawker: Pop In Tape- Stop Snitchin' is a Slogan, Not a Solution]

P.S. Congratulations to Pittsburgh for getting back on the horse and being named the #1 Most Livable City in America again after twenty-odd years. Here is your arbitrary engraved plaque and giant check. So I guess it's another twenty years of telling everybody about the time twenty years ago when Pittsburgh was the most livable city in the country. Maybe when I'm forty, some of the criteria Pittsburgh scored well in will be appealing enough to make me move back. Until then- here's to nightlife!

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