Thursday, April 26, 2007

The new shit in Burnso's life

First off: Would you buy this?

Second off: Burnso moved! I got a new crib! It's bigger, cheaper and quieter than the last spot. Plus, it's on Beechwood north of Forbes if y'alls Pittburgh heads know what that means. So far only, James, Ben Feldman and Kitty Zyla have seen it. More people to view it soon, we promise. My vinyl collection currently resides in the solarium. There's a solarium.

Third off: As GW9k pointed out, the draft is coming up. Very soon. Our main concern will be depth at the D-Line and/or depth at linebacker. Might it be that whatever is drafted will reflect on the makeup of our defensive scheme next season?
"...Tomlin plans to match his defenses to the skills of the players he has -- and he is not yet ready to say which defense that will be."
-ESPN at some point
Either way, it's going to be either a DE, DT or a LB. Essentially, we have a chance at getting a decent one in the first round because the folks in the first round before us need other things.

Oakland - QB
Detroit - They need offense stuff.
Cleveland - They need a gun in their mouth and also offense stuff. Do they have a center? They need defense, too, but not before offense.
Tampa Bay - QB
Arizona - O-line
Washington - Okay, they need some line shit.
Minnesota - QB
Atlanta - Receiver, maybe? They just got Joe Horn, right? They might get a DB? Michael Vick is DB.
Miami - They have Jason Taylor and a linebacker they picked up off the waiver wire... Houston - Houston need some D, too. They'll probably get some secondary because they are all 'bout drafting to fuck with Peyton Manning.
San Francisco - Needs D.
Buffalo - Needs a running back, now. Also D.
St. Louis - Do they want an RB or a DE?
Carolina - Yeah, they'll probably draft some D.

So Pittsburgh can get their tackle or linebacker without too many good ones being picked up first. What are they gonna grab. We have no depth at ROLB, just James Harrison. Aaron Smith has no backup, but I suppose they can shuffle Kirshke around. We have 2 nose-tackles, tho. Hampton is the knowledge wisdom cipher and so maybe another tackle and have Hoke back up Smith? That would mean 4-3. If we get an ill young buck linebacker and have him vie for Harrison's spot it means we keep the 3-4. Either way, pickins will be ok for us, I think...

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