Friday, April 27, 2007

Just Sayin Pentagon Papers- Hawking in Space

GentleWhoadie9000: HE DID THIS FOR YOU: (Stephen Hawking goes on zero-gravity flight)
Skinny: yo the press conference for this was bananas
dude gave a speech in the robot voice
Skinny: then they interviewed the guy running the parabolic drop program
GW9K: did he sing elton john's "rocket man"?
Skinny: he goes "usually our astronauts start feeling sick after 8 or 9 drops, but we're gonna see if mr. hawking wants to do more."
(immediately afterwards)
hawking: "NO."
Skinny: huh?
GW9K: watch the video, he's kickin it in a flight suit talking about how we need to figure out how to live in space because of the ever increasing dangers of life on earth....certified wally don
they pan down to his kicks
Skinny: them joints dyed baby blue and cream?
GW9K: yo, inspectah deck left him mentally scarred, and they compensated him with two tones in order to keep him from suing
my head is going to burst
Skinny: just put him in a caddy

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