Friday, April 20, 2007

John Wayne Gacy uptown Patrick Swayze

Forming like Voltron (or was it Christ and the disciples?) sure takes a toll on a writing staff. All that rap introspection demands post-list soul searching- existential crises played out to the sounds of Mecca and the Soul Brother. It's so bad that Burnso is covered in Port stains, on the floor spitting out "I used to read Word Up Magazine. I did. Me." in a half-moan.

I kid. We're just lazy. Passion Bangin and partners are busy calculating the logical pramaters of Tractatus Rap AKA the Straight Bangin' Challenge- results will be in shortly, and then we can all wonder who it was that picked Binary Star's Masters of the Universe as the 4th best all-time rap album and destroyed the musicological equilibrium of western culture. OK, that's a bit of an overstatement, and this is a conflict since resolved, but... sayin.

Last night, some of us were given the treatment by homegirl Sarah to see Cali-whoadie Mike Relm down at the Wachovia. We discussed with Mike the relative merits of the term MultiJock (ew) and AVJay (my idea- better). Then it was over to Key West for Menergy zeitgeist Jeffery Sfire of Ghostly International. Mike (R., not T.) pretty much flipped his lid when he saw the booth with the full-on rotary and bangin light controls.

For those who aren't familiar, Mike's steez is this- cut wax something rediculous while running a Pioneer digital turntable video sync-ed with audio. Your boy then flares and crabs on some movies, tv etc., It's pretty hot- a one man show that's a step up from many of the two man (or woman, no 'scriminating) DJ/video teams. Catch Mike at Coachella and points beyond,.


It's no secret that my adopted hometown plays host to some straight spectacular wild west shit. The new twist of the spiral has even fewer role models and even fewer reference points for normality than the last. It's pretty much New Jack in Southwest, North (Peedi!), Badlands, Point Breeze (Beanie!) and beyond. Bill Cosby has completely given up. This is what's left. Witnesseth:

My first thought* was that they should have found somebody more articulate than Cam to talk about snitchin' but actually, this seems like a good idea. I guess the logic was "let's find the guy who lacks the tact to be anything but transparent." It's pretty telling when you back somebody into saying they wouldn't rat out a serial killer (timely!). This is going to air on 60 minutes on Sunday (video from OnSmash). I wonder if they banter about their mutual love for Versace.

I told the shorty stop snitchin
She said I'm not snitchin
I told her get up in the kitchen
Killa Cam domestic vicious


The video almost obviates the need for any sort of editorialization, but of course I will oblige. I think it's going to be pretty interesting to see if this draws any sort of public reaction. In the immediate aftermath of Imus, Virginia Tech and the Hot 97 self-disciplining, Dipset's control of New York airwaves is under serious threat. Although it's unfortunate that mass murder and hysteria doesn't even merit any media association with hood ish, the implications of the Stop Snitchin credo have a weighty parallel. Furthermore, tolerance for flippantly ignorant (ignorant type II) behavior has decreased substantially in recent months.

I guess Anderson did his advance research and read Cam's rhyme book. In business that's called "due diligence" which of course rhymes with "due diligence."

*-My real first thought upon seeing that video had to do with Cam's sweater being some sort of optical illusion and then imagining Cam and Anderson hitting the town tryin to run the most illogical train ever.

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